SheldonThinks accepts Paypal and all major credit cards. The following are instructions on how to pay using credit cards: 1. Choose eBooks from SheldonThinks Online Store. 2. Click on Checkout - Ecrater Store. 3. Enter customer details. 4. Choose "Paypal" as Payment Option. Paypal gateway allows credit card payments directly, even without a paypal account. 5. Once you enter the paypal gateway (see photo on the left), click on CONTINUE on the left side of the screen, near the images of major credit cards. Enter the link below in your browser to get payment instructions in pictures. http://foreclosured.blogspot.com/search/label/How%20to%20Pay%20by%20Credit%20Card
All books are currently only published as eBooks. The file format is Adobe Acrobat Reader. The file sizes are typically anywhere between 0.5-5Mb.
I write in order to have an impact. My initial intent is to get all my ideas out in the market before I actively promote them. I am currently working on a great many books because I want to most effectively organise those ideas, and develop the content over time. This is partly why I will offer free updates. You will be able to gauge the value of the content from the table of contents.
We will only offer refunds if a person can demonstrate a reasonable justification for receiving one. No one to date has asked for a refund. In fact we are pleased to have received only a single criticism about not adequately 'dsclosing that we are selling eBooks. Not satisfied with our books? Sorry to hear it. If you cannot identify any flaws, it must reflect a desire to evade certain knowledge. We don't like to reward evasion.
SheldonThinks offers a number of benefits over competing authors - the principal benefits are: 1. Critical thinking - Being an analyst I have had to critique opinions, but this attitude extends back to my early childhood. I don't take anything for granted. Everything gets evaluated. 2. Practical life experience - academics are creatures of a government controlled education system. Not only does this make them beholden to their monopoly employer, it is also generally reflected in their values. 3. Systematic analysis - I am very thorough and systematic in my book writing 4. Breadth of knowledge - I have studied a great deal of subjects including science, philosophy, psychology, history, economics, accounting, finance, law, etc. 5. 6. Support - I provide a lot of support in terms of preparedness to ask questions. In fact I welcome them. I love feedback as well, including criticism. 7. Life support - I want to offer services to people who don't get the time to invest the same amount of time. If you believe in objective reality, then you understand that life is a science. I support the application of reason to every aspect of your life. This particular issue makes my writing different from most other authors. I challenge anyone to find flaws in my books. There are of course flaws in my blogs because that content is unedited, and not written with the same consideration. The books is my opportunity to lay it out.
If you buy a book from SheldonThinks written by Andrew Sheldon, and the value of the book is under $US20, you may ask for a revised version or update if one is available.
We do offer discounts, but please don't ask unless you are prepared to buy more than 5 books. We think our books are already cheap. If you question the value, read our free intro chapter offers, or buy one book to establish the general value of the content. We will recognise any prior orders if you later want to avail of a discount. We also periodically offer discounts on specific terms.
ORDER PROCESS 1. Customer makes the order online. 2. Customer pays online via credit card or Paypal. 3. Customer will be emailed within 24 hours. The email contains the ebook in PDF format, instructions of how to open the ebook with a secure password and a welcome letter from Author, Andrew Sheldon. For all technical issues accessing the ebook, or customer service assistance, please email sheldonthinks@gmail.com - we reply within 12 to 24 hours. The eBook is in PDF format, sent as attachment via email. Adobe reader is required to open the ebook. For mobile devices, PDF reader apps may be used to open the ebook as long as password is entered.